Here at Boldon Outdoor Nursery we strive to be mindful that any provision to explore traditions, festivals or cultural celebrations is not just a token gesture of a topic or theme but instead, it is in response to interest and discussion generated by children.

Such experiences need to be authentic to the child! Supporting children’s understanding of these things does not consist of elaborate crafts or directed activities based around a specific date on the calendar. Cultural diversity has to be embedded throughout our provision empowering ourselves and each other to learn more!

It’s especially important to acknowledge and continue to acknowledge what is authentic to children. It’s about their lives, culture and beliefs and ensuring a sense of acceptance and belonging. We acknowledge and recognise our differences in faith, religion, ethnicity and culture. We celebrate our differences and similarities.

We read stories and talk to parents; seek information and empower ourselves to understand more. We ask questions. We build respectful relationships with our families to understand how each individual family celebrates their heritage and what may be happening in the life of the child. This allows us to respectfully understand the culture of our children and families and enables us to share and celebrate in nursery.

We may do this in the following ways:

 Parents and carers are invited into our setting to share insight with the children
 We explore symbolic or traditional items/clothing
 We go out into the community and experience events for example, the lights and decorations for Christmas or Diwali
 We bake/prepare traditional food, come together and celebrate with our children and families
 We explore music from different cultures and places
 Read stories
 Use digital landscapes
 We offer invitations and provocations to support explorations (for example, we may provide
opportunities to explore colour, pattern and light in the studio around the time of Diwali)
 We access tangible real-life experiences that are relevant and significant to the children
 We support the journey of understanding, conversation and awareness!