Lunchtime here at Boldon Outdoor Nursery is an opportunity to nourish the body and the soul. A time to join together to nurture children through presence and connection. A time for conversation and communication. Lunchtime is a mindful ritual with responsive educators who understand the importance of their role.

We don’t hurry children through these moments in the day, we give them value, giving children time and space to enjoy and recharge at a slower pace, taking time to sit and recharge together as a family. To sit down, slow down and be present with children. We do not patrol the tables or instruct children to eat up, hurry up and stop talking. Instead we use this opportunity to model language, demonstrate social skills and support the trickier aspects such as self-serving, cutting up food and using cutlery and utensils. Sitting at a table is a skill itself. We have to ensure that we create a sense of belonging and togetherness in a world that moves so fast and at electric speed!

We work closely with our families to get lunchtime right for every child. Some children need a bespoke packed lunch, others prefer a warm home cooked meal. Some children will try anything others wont. Some children have allergies or are very selective with what they like to eat. Whatever the preference we will strive to accommodate.